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Charlie Mag
Charlie Mag
Charlie Mag

Charlie Mag

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The Charlie Mag is CTS Holsters' single mag carrier option. It is the perfect solution for those looking to be able to easily conceal extra rounds.

Currently available in Universal Double-stack, which comes equipped with a Mag Retention Device, making sure your mags stay where they should.

Standard features include:

  • Mag orientation of bullets forward
  • Lifetime warranty
Single Stack option coming soon!


Customizable options include:

  • A variety of colors and patterns chosen specifically with women in mind (see examples of prints in the photos).

Belt Attachment options:

  • Wide Belt Clip (FOMI): Ideal for those looking to carry while wearing a belt. The wider design helps distribute the weight of the holster across a slightly wider area.
  • Narrow Belt Clip (Griphook): Similar function as the wide belt clip, but the narrow design helps to minimize printing.
  • Wide Belt-less Clip (FabriClip): Perfect for those who want to carry while wearing yoga pants, leggings, and dress pants. Works well with more delicate fabric, but can be used with any.

  • Narrow Belt-less Clip (UltiClip): Similar to the FabriClip, but with a smaller surface area. Works well with more durable fabrics, such as jeans, but can be used with any.

Shipping time can take 2-4 weeks, as each holster is custom made, hand buffed, and quality inspected.