New Year, Same Me

I hate the saying "New Year, New Me."

There are always areas that you can improve on, but to say you want to be a completely new person seems extreme to me. You are you, and you should never be ashamed of that.

So here is me.....

I grew up as the youngest of 6 kids - so much younger than my siblings that we all joke that I grew up as an only child. But because of that, I spent a lot of time with my dad. I grew up on a little farm away from any cities (the closest store was 15 minutes away and was a gas station) and loved every minute of it. He taught me about raising animals, hunting, hard work, and that just because I was a girl didn't mean that I couldn't do anything that a boy could do.

Shooting in southern Utah
My brother and I out shooting in southern Utah

I grew up around guns from an extremely young age. My family always taught me that any gun, including my little bb gun, was a loaded gun and must be treated with respect. I would go hunting varmints by the creek all summer, deer during the fall, and larger prey animals during the winter. I outshot all the boys in my hunters safety class.

But I never spent much time around pistols....

Fast forward 13 years and I met my husband who is all about guns and cars. We would go out and shoot and at first I was extremely uncomfortable with semi-auto hand guns, which was pretty much all he shot. Growing up, my dad preferred revolvers, which meant that I preferred revolvers. But after some training, I got to where I actually preferred semi-autos.

American Marksman 2nd place
2nd place in Women's and 2nd place in Military/Law Enforcement

Four years into our marriage and my husband talks me into doing an amateur shooting competition with him. I shot the qualifier and was surprised that I did as well as I did. We practiced as much as we could before the competition and we both ended up taking second place in our divisions in our region.

After that I was convinced that I was going to train and become a sponsored shooter. Four months later, we find out that I was pregnant with our first. Needless to say my shooting took a hard nose dive. I was advised to not shoot indoors to minimize lead exposure and because of the noise amplification. Shooting outdoors in rural, central Utah proved to be difficult, since there was only one gun range in the entire county and it was for rifles. Plus it was winter.

During my pregnancy I stopped carrying, because I couldn't find a way to comfortably conceal. I stopped shooting outdoors, because I was worried about the noise damaging developing ears and I did not feel steady on me feet during my pregnancy.

Gender reveal
Our gender reveal

After our daughter was born both me and my husband were certain I would pick right back up shooting, but being a first time mom, I had this issue leaving my little baby with anyone.

So here we are 18 months after our daughter was born, a little over two years after I stopped shooting competitively, and I've finally kicked my weird first time mom mentality! I'm finally getting back into the #pewpewlife.

Having a child puts a new perspective on everything. You are so much more aware of any possible danger. And because my number one job in this life is to raise and protect her, I made a resolution to improve my self defense habits. I started wearing my gun with my old holsters and found that they just weren't comfortable, so I didn't want to wear them.

My husband and I spent a lot of time researching holsters and reading reviews. He had been making kydex holsters for 3 years when we came across another company that offered women's printed kydex holsters with a FabriClip. We knew that we could do the same thing, so we made a few holsters with some custom women's prints and then added the FabriClip option.

It has been a game changer for me! I can wear my workout pants around the house all day and STILL carry my gun. And it is comfortable! So I wanted to share this with other women. That is how we came up with Desert Rose Adornments.

Part two of this resolution is physical fitness. I've also come to realize, first hand, that being physically fit in general has its defense advantages - even if it isn't self defense training specific. Being physically stronger when your Fight or Flight kicks in can help you in either of those areas, either by being able to run faster or fight harder.

But proper training never hurt anyone :) So I have also been looking into other personal defense training options, such as Jui Jitsu and Krav Maga.

So I want to hear from you! What are your New Years Resolutions? Do you have a gym plan in place? Have you tried self defense classes? Any other recommendations? Please send them my way!

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